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"He OWNED these characters!"

  • Old man with German accent1:57

  • George & Lou are at it again2:52

  • Sarah goes OFF on Toby1:59

  • Angie tries to hide from the bad man2:03

"Amazing Range!"

  • Cop knows Toby is hiding something2:23

"Simply perfect..."

  • Two thugs walk into a bar...2:53

"...perfect timing and a wide array of distinctive voices."


  • Heartbreaking news for parents1:47

"I was hooked before the second page."

  • This kid has a reason to be scared1:56

  • Darren has lost his mind2:57

"Scott Thomas drew me into listening to this audiobook much longer than I intended to each day."

  • Face-to-face with madness3:01

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"One of my top five favourite narrators!"